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What are Viable Relapse Prevention Programs?

What are Viable Relapse Prevention Programs?

Woman concerned with relapse preventionWhen an individual undergoes addiction treatment because of drug or alcohol abuse, everyone involved hopes that they will stay recovered and sober for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

When it comes to serious drug and alcohol addiction, relapse is a very real thing. Relapse occurs when individuals go through a treatment program and come out on the other side sober, but later, they go back to using or drinking again.

No one wants to relapse, and it’s always an extremely difficult thing to go through for both the patients and their close friends and family members. But what’s important to remember is that relapse is normal when it comes to addiction. It certainly doesn’t mean that rehab doesn’t work.

In fact, the statistics surrounding drug addiction relapse are quite similar to the statistics surrounding the relapse of other serious illnesses, such as asthma, type I diabetes and hypertension. According to US government statistics, the rate of drug addiction relapse is approximately 40 to 60%, and the rate of hypertension relapse is 50 to 70%.

What Is Relapse and Prevention?

Because of the high rates of relapse with drug addiction, it’s important to know how to prevent relapse from occurring in the first place. Top quality drug addiction treatment centers can do this with several different types of relapse prevention programs.

What Relapse Programs Can Help?

First of all, top quality relapse prevention begins with excellent therapy. However, recovery doesn’t end there. Sober living facilities after therapy has been completed, continued counseling and therapy and random drug testing after your program has been completed can help you avoid relapse in the future. All of these things are offered at the best quality rehab centers in the nation.

Let Recovery Connection Help You

Are you ready to begin your journey toward recovery after addiction? Even if you have relapsed once, twice, three times, 10 times or more, you should still be looking for a top quality drug addiction treatment center that focuses on relapse prevention.

There is always hope for those who suffer from addiction. Remember that patients who have relapsed five, six or even more times can still go on to find full recovery for the rest of their lives.

But knowing exactly where to find the best possible drug rehab center can be an enormous challenge. Recovery Connection is here to help with this task.

When you’re ready to begin your first journey toward recovery or to begin your third or fourth journey, give Recovery Connection a call at 866-812-8231.

One qualified, knowledgeable and completely confidential recovery advisers will be able to help connect you with the right rehab center for your unique needs. Don’t delay taking action. When it comes to addiction, time is of the essence. Call today.


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