Finding Recovery During the Holidays

Finding Recovery During the Holidays “Who wants to spend Christmas in rehab?” That common thought runs through the minds of most every person battling alcohol or drug addiction. Although, after denial is pushed to the side, the thought really turns into: “who wants to spend Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, my neighbor’s birthday, Monday, etc.

Pitfall in Recovery: Fear

Pitfall in Recovery: Fear Fear has fueled your entire addiction. This basic emotion set the wheels of your active addiction into motion. Maybe you feared feeling the pain and anger from your past and you s ought out that first buzz or high. When you were living through the chaos of addiction, fear kept you

Paving a New Road in Recovery

bachelorette Meredith Phillips alcoholism

Paving a New Road in Recovery If you ever watch the reality shows “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette,” you see beautiful men and women living in a mansion looking for love. Once the cameras stop rolling and the last rose has been given out, you imagine these reality stars will ride the wave of media

Recovery on Social Media

addiction and recovery social media

Recovery on Social Media You live in a time where the world revolves around Facebook and Twitter. Nothing is official or newsworthy unless you have updated your status and shared with you 700 closest cyber friends. If you want to post about a promotion at work or how wonderful your significant other is, then take

Staying Sober on New Year’s Eve

staying sober on new years

Staying Sober on New Year’s Eve End of 2012 already… where did time go? Another year come and gone and it has had its share of good times and bad. Many times, when alcohol is involved your good time can turn on you very quickly. So this year, instead of getting wasted at a New

Finding Truth in Lyrics

Katy Perry Lyrics Addiction

Finding Truth in Lyrics I think I have heard Katy Perry’s latest song, “Wide Awake” a thousand times on the radio but never really paid attention to her lyrics. Today I actually listened carefully. These words stood out for me: “I wish I knew then What I know now Wouldn’t dive in Wouldn’t bow down