Recovery Tools

Recovery Tools

Addiction recovery tools are helpful to aid you in sober living. They help us throughout the day and give us reminders of why we embarked in the journey of sobriety. It is important to remain consistent in your daily routine regarding sober living. Tools such as our sobriety calculator and inspirational quotes are to encourage you in your process of recovery.

The use of these addiction recovery tools is free of charge. If you would like more information regarding drug and alcohol rehab facilities, please call 866-812-8231. Our Recovery Connection coordinators will be able to assist you with finding treatment today.

Sobriety Calculator

The gift of recovery is precious. Recovering addicts whether just out of a drug rehab center or with years of clean time, should celebrate the time that they continue to remain abstinent. This tool calculates your sober time in years, months, days and minutes.

Inspirational Quotes

Daily inspirational quotes remind us to remain positive in our life and to always do our best. This addiction recovery tool gives you the option of reading one or several quotes a day to help encourage and remind you of the importance of sobriety, relationship, and connectedness.

Looking For Treatment?

Call Recovery Connection confidentially at 866-812-8231 24/7. Our staff is specially trained to answer your addiction and treatment questions and help you get into treatment to begin reclaiming your life.

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