Sex Addiction and Substance Abuse

Sex Addiction and Substance Abuse Newsweek reported that there are 9 million sex addicts in the United States and at least 40 million Americans log onto 4.2 million pornographic websites daily. The growing speed of sex addiction may be attributed to the easy access to all things explicit found on the internet. The internet is

Sex Addiction or Narcissistic Behavior?

Andre Davis and Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction or Narcissistic Behavior? Former professional wrestler, Andre Davis, was sentenced to 32 years in prison for having unprotected sex with hundreds of women while never disclosing his HIV diagnosis. Mr. Davis defended himself by stating that his sex addiction was worse than having an alcohol or drug addiction. Sex addiction seemed to be

Shame, Secrets and Sex Addiction

shame and sex addiction

Shame, Secrets and Sex Addiction The movie Shame seems to be raising a lot of social recognition of sex addiction. This movie is filmed with an artistic perspective and depicts a man who has compulsive sex and a lack of emotional involvement in all relationships, including his family. The viewer gets the feeling that the

Addiction and Recovery: Battle of the Sexes

Addiction and Recovery: Battle of the Sexes Addiction is not just a “man’s problem.” It affects men and women across the board. However, addiction affects men’s and women’s lives in different ways. These differences impact how addiction and addiction treatment are approached, according to research. So how exactly does gender affect the addiction of the

5 Common Myths About Addiction

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Throughout the history of humanity, mind-altering substances have been used in various forms in nearly every known culture. And wherever drugs or alcohol could be found, so could problems of individuals falling prey to the pleasures of intoxication. Addiction is not a new or sudden problem in our society, and therefore, it comes with centuries

How to Forgive Yourself and Heal from Porn Addiction

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  Breaking porn addiction is difficult, especially if you’re quitting cold turkey. When attempting to break any habitual behavior, you’ll need to develop coping skills and utilize tools to help you replace the destructive behavior through new habits. Dwelling in guilt and shame is unhealthy and it’s important to develop positive habits to keep moving

LGBT Addiction Treatment

What to Look For When Seeking LGBT Addiction Treatment   This guide explains the issues you may wish to consider while choosing a quality LGBT-friendly addiction treatment program and how these issues relate directly to you as the patient and to the treatment facility. Recovery Connection is dedicated to helping all people recover from addiction.


Sex Addiction Sex addiction is compulsive sexual behavior that continues in spite of snowballing negative consequences. Sex addicts risk sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and losing family, friends, jobs, etc. when they are unable to control sexual impulses. Sex addiction treatment helps sufferers examine and control these impulses. What is Sex Addiction? Sex Addition Signs and

Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction is an obsessive need to view sexually enticing images to the detriment of actual human interaction. This addiction can lead to multiple consequences, such as medical, social, and legal consequences. What is Pornography Addiction? A general definition of any addiction is behavior repeated over and over again despite negative consequences to oneself or

Recovery from Addiction Glossary

Recovery from Addiction Glossary There are so many terms related to recovery and the language of recovery that this list should be of great help. Understanding the context of these terms can help you understand the meaning of recovery to an addict. Below you will find a glossary of recovery oriented language. Abstinence-based recovery A