Whether you take Ativan as prescribed or recreationally, Ativan addiction may develop quickly. Ativan is used for temporary relief from anxiety, insomnia and several other medical conditions but because it is highly addictive, it is approved for short-term use only.

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Negative Effects of Ativan Abuse

Ativan Tablets

What is Ativan Prescribed for?

Ativan is a widely prescribed medication used to treat anxiety, panic disorders, acute stress reactions, anxiety with depression and seizures. It is highly addictive so it is usually used for short periods of time. You should never increase your dosage, nor abruptly stop taking your medication without first consulting your prescribing physician.

Ativan abuse can happen quickly, even if you take the drug as prescribed. If you increase the daily dosage and how long you take it, you increase your risk of developing tolerance and an addiction. As your addiction grows, the initial relief you felt gradually disappears and your original symptoms may get worse. You may also develop new symptoms from Ativan addiction.

If you mix Ativan with alcohol, your heart and breathing may slow down or even stop altogether.
If you are addicted to Ativan, call Recovery Connection for Ativan detox and addiction treatment immediately. Call 866.812.8231 and speak to one of our addiction specialists. Help is just a phone call away.

Signs That You Might Be Addicted to Ativan

You may be showing signs of addiction, even if you have taken Ativan for a short amount of time. Symptoms vary in severity depending on the amount taken, the duration of the Ativan abuse and the way you abused the drug. You may be experiencing or displaying the following behaviors or symptoms if you are addicted. Signs of Ativan abuse symptoms:

  • Stealing, lying, or being generally unreliable
  • Missing work
  • Borrowing or stealing Ativan
  • Oversedation
  • Slurred speech
  • Lack of coordination
  • Impaired judgment
  • “Doctor shopping” (Going to different doctors to get more Ativan)
  • Not paying bills

Not taking care of your health, home or family obligations is also a symptom of Ativan abuse. You may become defensive, deny or rationalize your drug-seeking behavior.

If you identify with any of these behaviors or symptoms, contact one of our addiction specialists.

Safely Breaking Free from Ativan Addiction

If you are addicted to Ativan, the safest way to rid your body of the drug and avoid Ativan withdrawal is by getting treatment at a medically supervised detox center. If you abruptly stop using Ativan, withdrawal can put yourself in danger. Ativan requires detox and specific medication treatment for Ativan withdrawal.

Ativan withdrawal symptoms should be closely monitored in a medically staffed detox. Symptoms include:

  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Racing thoughts
  • Seizures

After you complete Ativan drug detox, the best way to break free from the habit is by going to drug rehab. Ativan abuse treatment can provide you with the knowledge and tools to manage cravings and triggers as well as prevent a relapse.

Ativan Abuse Treatment – Get Help Now

Recovery Connection understands the struggle of addiction. Our addiction specialists have personal experience with addiction and are in recovery. Recovery Connection will connect you with an accredited detox and drug rehab program qualified in treating Ativan addiction. You don't have to be a slave to the prescription drug Ativan. Recovery Connection is ready to help you now, call 866.812.8231 anytime, day or night. You are not alone.

Looking For Treatment?

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