Addiction to prescription painkillers like Vicodin can prove to be fatal if left untreated. At a minimum, addiction to Vicodin causes many medical, psychiatric, legal, social and family problems.

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Dangers of Prescription Vicodin Addiction

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Vicodin addiction is no different than other types of drug addictions in that it has negative effects on your brain function. Vicodin affects the levels of neurotransmitters that are required for proper brain functioning, including endorphins and dopamine.

Liver damage is common with Vicodin abuse because prescription Vicodin combines acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Exceeding the maximum daily amounts of acetaminophen (Tylenol) is toxic to the liver.

The only way to reverse the damaging effects of Vicodin is for you to stop taking this drug. You will experience Vicodin withdrawal soon after the last pill. It is too uncomfortable and dangerous for a person with Vicodin addiction to detox on his or her own.

You may struggle with denial about abuse because the drug is prescribed by a doctor. This can quickly become a major obstacle to you going to addiction treatment. It is common that you would be resistant to treatment. You may make comments like, “I don’t have a problem, I can take care of the problem on my own, or I am not using Vicodin at all.”

Signs of Vicodin Addiction

After the addiction has taken hold, you continue using despite consequences. This is a common factor in addiction to all substances, and is the hallmark of addiction. Deterioration in personal relationships as well as employment, financial, legal and psychological difficulties may emerge as the addiction progresses.
Vicodin addiction may lead you to do things that you normally would not do. You may find yourself stealing the drug from friends and family, stealing prescription pads from physician offices, or simply buying the drug illegally on the street. Going to more than one doctor for the same prescription is illegal and can lead to arrest. If you have found yourself making risky decisions to support your Vicodin addiction call Recovery Connection now at 866-812-8231 and get help before you get caught. It’s never too late for treatment.

Other signs of Vicodin abuse include:

  • Inability to work or to fully participate in social situations
  • Poor hygiene and neglect, including dental problems
  • Stealing, lying, manipulating
  • Not caring if one lives or dies
  • Neglecting children or elderly people for whom the addict is responsible
  • Taking more of the drug than intended
  • Stealing or “borrowing” the drug from others
  • Stealing to get money to illegally buy the drug
  • Denial of the problem
  • Liver damage

Vicodin Addiction Treatment - Get Help Now!

You have made the decision to explore Vicodin addiction treatment. Drug rehab begins with medically supervised detox.  Withdrawal from Vicodin is the same as opiate withdrawal and can feel like a severe flu and last from 3 to 7 days. Because Vicodin is an opiate-based medication, physicians and nurses specially trained in the medication treatment of opiate addiction are needed to handle Vicodin detox and Vicodin withdrawal symptoms so that the drug detox process will be successful. After detox has been completed, it is strongly suggested that you move directly into treatment. Detox without rehab increases the likelihood of relapse.

Receiving professional addiction treatment is always recommended because trying to stop drug use on your own or with a program that is not licensed or medically based may leave you vulnerable to relapse. A quality treatment program can address the underlying issues surrounding Vicodin abuse and can offer the latest tools and therapies to combat addiction, addictive behaviors and signs of relapse.

Call Recovery Connection and find out how to enter treatment and eliminate your Vicodin addiction today. Our qualified staff have a personal understanding about overcoming addiction and can guide you toward the best treatment options.

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