Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family Therapy and Substance Abuse Treatment

Mother and Daughter Engage in Family Addiction TherapyOne of the first consequences of drug and alcohol addiction is relationship strain. Those who struggle with substance abuse often end up alienating their close family members. To rebuild those relationships and make them stronger than ever, family addiction therapy is necessary during drug rehab and detox. After all, it’s those strong relationships that can help individuals pull through and begin to recover from addiction.

Many times, those who abuse drugs and alcohol feel ashamed of their habits, causing them to pull away from family. This tendency is understandable, but when struggling with addiction, family is very important. Quality drug addiction rehab centers know this, and frequently make family addiction therapy one of the pillars of recovery.

Finding a Drug Rehab Center With Family Addiction Therapy

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to locating a recovery center is choosing one that fits your personal needs. For almost all of those struggling with drug abuse and full blown addiction, family therapy is a core need.

Recovery Connection only works with the finest drug rehab centers in the Florida area. We focus on a number of different treatments that are designed to help all individuals reach their full potential during rehab.

We can connect you with a top quality location that offers medical detox, group therapy, individual therapy, mental health advising and dual diagnosis. It’s our goal to get you in touch with the right recovery center that will help you get sober.

How Families Can Help Recovering Addicts

The individual dealing with addiction has to do the majority of the work. There’s no other way around it. However, family support is equally necessary. This is where family therapy comes in. At Recovery Connection, we will connect you with a rehab location that offers top quality family therapy to help you reconnect with your loved ones.

In addition to inpatient programs, we also work with intensive outpatient programs. Patients often need to continue caring for children, working or attending school while in recovery. This is where outpatient rehab really serves its purpose.

We certainly can find you traditional family therapy, but you might also be interested in multidisciplinary treatment approaches. We link our patients to several outlets of care, and we always aim to find the best therapies in addiction recovery, family dynamics, nutrition and physical fitness.

Recovery Connection Connects You with Top Quality Family Addiction Therapy

Recovery Connection is not a drug and alcohol rehab center. We are a resource that connects those who are currently struggling with addiction to those who can help. Namely, we provide leads on prospective locations to centers that can best serve you personally, and give you the best chance at recovery.

We understand that admitting you have a drug or alcohol problem is scary, but you should never attempt recovery alone. Instead, turn to Recovery Connection. We are owned and operated by Lakeview Health and can connect you with the help that you need.