LGBT & Gay-Friendly

LGBT & Gay-Friendly

Alcohol and drug addiction is plaguing the LGBT population. Research has found that some addicts in the LGBT community may respond better to treatment that addresses their specific needs. Drug rehabs that have a specialized LGBT program can help you get clean and sober while addressing the issues that keep you addicted.

Addiction is taking over your life and you are filled with guilt and shame, but there is hope. Let Recovery Connection® help you find a treatment program that addresses LGBT needs in a gay-friendly alcohol and drug rehab. Recovery Connection’s confidential helpline services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 866.812.8231.

Risk Factors for LGBT Drug Addiction

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The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community has a higher than average incidence of drug addiction, alcoholism, mental health issues and suicide. Research has shown that the impact of heterosexism, homophobia, prejudice and discrimination they experience affects this incidence.

Other Concerns Addressed in LGBT Drug Rehab:

  • Sexuality
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual identity
  • Social position
  • Family dynamics

According to a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration's (SAMHSA's) Center for Substance Abuse report, studies indicate that LGBT people are more likely to use alcohol and drugs, have higher rates of substance abuse and are more likely to use substances later in life. Studies also illustrate drug patterns and drug preferences that are found within the LGBT demographic. These issues and other cultural norms need to be addressed in treatment.

LGBT Drug Abuse and Addiction

Methamphetamineand amphetamine abuse among gay men is high, especially among those communities in urban settings. The popularity of the club scene among gay men makes club drug abuse more prevalent. For example, ecstasy (MDMA), GHB, and cocaine are common drugs of abuse. For lesbians, alcohol seems to be the substance of choice, but they do abuse drugs as well.

Succumbing to drug and alcohol addiction disrupts personal growth, making it difficult for a member of the LGBT community to sustain healthy relationships and preserve self-esteem without drug addiction treatment. Recovery Connection admission counselors can help you get into an LGBT drug rehab. Call us today at 866.812.8231 and stop the cycle of abuse.

Shame is often identified as a major component in the progression of drug addiction. Shame among the LGBT population may be compounded. LGBT individuals sometimes carry a great deal of shame when they feel they have failed to live up to the expectations of their heterosexual families. Drugs or alcohol may be an effort to deal with a sense of loss and betrayal. A gay-friendly drug rehab program can help patients sift through their feelings and behavioral patterns.

LGBT Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

In 2010, California's LGBT Constituency Committee and the LGBT Tristar released a report on substance abuse treatment and prevention programs in California. The report indicated that a "national study of treatment programs across the United States identified that only 7 percent had any services tailored for LGBT (GLBT) populations."

Without specific gay-friendly treatment components, an LGBT person is at increased risk of leaving treatment without addressing the underlying issues relating to substance abuse and addiction.

The number of gay-friendly rehab providers who have developed specific LGBT tracts, treat dual diagnosis disorders and who have trained staff for this population remains lacking nationwide. The issues related to living as an LGBT person must be addressed to help a patient overcome internal struggles that can lead to substance abuse and relapse. Treatment must be facilitated by gay-friendly counselors and therapists to avoid further unconscious victimization of patients.

The issues related to living as an LGBT person must be addressed to help a patient overcome internal struggles that can lead to substance abuse and relapse. Call Recovery Connection at 866.812.8231 and begin your recovery journey today!

The specific issues common to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community that need to be part of a gay-friendly drug rehab program include:

  • Identity acceptance
  • Acceptance by family and friends
  • Coming out
  • Integration
  • Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues
  • Establishment of a social network supportive of recovery
  • Alleviation of risk-taking behaviors

Call Recovery Connection at 866.812.8231 and let us help you find a gay-friendly drug rehab today!

Looking For Treatment?

To locate an lesbian and gay-friendly alcohol and drug addiction rehab that is knowledgeable in the treatment of the LGBT (GLBTQ) population, call Recovery Connection at 866.812.8231.

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