About Daniel Renaud, ICADC, CAP

Dan Renaud BS, CAP, ICADC is a respected addiction counselor and has worked throughout Jacksonville, Florida and the South East. In becoming a young adult, he joined the United States Navy, hoping for a new direction in his life. Dan Renaud has been in recovery for over 29 years and has helped countless others follow their own journey into recovery. With a reputation for integrity, Dan Renaud has served on panels and has given lectures at colleges, schools and given seminars on addictions. He specializes in adolescent treatment and family crisis intervention, utilizing various individual and group therapy modalities. He currently serves on the Boards of Gate Community Services and the Northeast Florida Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and is the Executive Director of the Florida Recovery Schools. Dan holds BS in Social Science and Business from Jacksonville University, an international Credential through IC&RC, and is a Certified Addiction Professional in the State of Florida. He is married to Tamara they have 5 adult children and one grandchild.

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