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Matt Cardone

For several years now Matt has been implementing the effortless practice of Vedic Meditation and, as a result, both his personal and professional lives have completely transformed. Having traveled to India frequently to study under some of the greatest masters of our time, Matt has accumulated thousands of hours of meditative reprieve. He now teaches regularly throughout the United States, implementing Vedic Meditation in corporate environments, recovery communities, and meditation workshops. To learn more visit www.meditationaddict.com

Website: http://www.meditationaddict.com
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Four Myths of Meditation

A fascination with, and exploration of, the spiritual-self is a common thread, binding all cultures of the world, traversing space and time. We can see it in the centuries-old use of ayahuasca in the Incan cultures of the Amazon Basin. We can imagine it in the spiritual drive that resulted in the building of the