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Our mission is to offer a safe, non-triggering, recovery-focused resource for anyone who has struggled with addiction or has helped someone who struggled. We aim to provide articles that help bring awareness to addiction as a disease and honor the recovery process through insightful and motivating topics. Together, we can all work to inspire each other and bring thoughtfulness and truth to the recovery journey.
A man stops at beach after his outpatient drug treatment

Does outpatient alcohol or drug rehab work?

Are you considering whether you or a loved one needs treatment? Do you feel ...

A drug addicted man stands on his home's balcony

Is it possible to cure drug addiction at home?

No doubt struggling with drug addiction is a frightening, frustrating, and a downright complicated ...

A young man in recovery thinking about his next drink

Top 5 Reasons Drug Rehab Fails

Rehab for drug or alcohol abuse is often a very complicated process. For many, ...

Top 7 Tips for Holding an Intervention

Watching a loved one struggle with drug and/or alcohol addiction can be frightening and ...

woman sitting in a meadow with her back to the camera

Shannon’s Story of Recovery

Pittsburgh, PA  |  Sober Date: May 20, 2017 I am from a small town ...

woman with arms reaching toward sky

Learning to Love Myself While Finding Recovery

Written by: Sara Sheppard My name is Sara Sheppard, and I’m an addict. Every ...

man jumping on brown soil


Written By: Tim C. | Sobriety Date 10.28.16 I was born in central New ...

man holding compass

Started From The Bottom

My childhood was wonderful. Although my family had its struggles, it wasn’t nearly as ...

blurry image of woman holding a sparkler on new years eve

6 Ways to Stay Sober on New Year’s Eve

You made it through the Christmas holiday unscathed. Now you have to combat one ...

rear view of people sitting at a bar

How to Socialize With Your Co-workers When You Don’t Drink

Browsing your work inbox one day, you come across the following message: Subject: Holiday ...