About Ryan Teague

Ryan Teague, CRC is an Alumni Coordinator for Lakeview Health. His own personal journey through addiction allows for a unique and personal approach to helping people recover. For Ryan, being able to give back to the recovery community is very gratifying. He considers helping the newcomer find the path to long-term recovery a privilege and necessary for his own recovery. Born in St. Louis, he moved to the Jacksonville Beach area in 1986 and has been there ever since. When he is not at work or in an AA meeting he enjoys golfing and taking his boat out.

Ryan Teague, Certified Recovery Coach has written 11 articles so far, you can find them below.

Step 11: It’s Worked Everyday

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When I first read through Step 11, I thought “I’m not going to do that.” I remember thinking there’s no way I’ll be able to sit still long enough to meditate, and having a Higher Power wasn’t a priority because I was in such dismay and pain. Honestly, I just wasn’t in the mood to

Step Six: Acting in Desperation

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Step Six, in my opinion, is just as closely associated with Step Five as Step Four is. I say this because Step Five and Six are heavy steps. You’re looking at everything you’ve done wrong from start to finish and coming to terms with it. I spent about five hours putting down into writing what

Step Two: My Experience

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In Step Two, we come to believe our sanity can be restored by a Power greater than ourselves.  When I heard this, I was a little confused. What does this mean? Are you implying that right now I am insane? My answer quickly came from my sponsor. He said, “Yes, you are insane; you continue