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How to Tell if My Son or Daughter is Struggling with Drug Addiction

What Are The Signs My Loved One is Fighting a Drug Addiction?

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How to Tell if My Son or Daughter is Struggling with Drug Addiction

What Are The Signs My Loved One is Fighting a Drug Addiction?

Today’s parents are under a great deal of pressure. Many are working more than one job just to keep the bills paid and food on the table. Raising children becomes even harder when you have to make the choice between working to support them and spending enough time with them.

Kids today are just as busy, often rushing from school to after-school activities and sports. As they grow, their friend groups change. Their attitudes evolve and become unpredictable as they test their boundaries and grow.

Even young adults moving into their mid-20s are still experimenting with new things and defining who they are. During these times, it’s likely that our kids will be introduced to drugs or alcohol – talk to them about it. Their behavior, clothing style, friend group and attitude can change rapidly from week to week. As a parent, it can be hard to tell if these changes are a result of normal exploration or if they are being exacerbated by drug problem or addiction.

“I Have to Make the Time to Listen.”

As parents, we see our kids struggling and want to do our best to fix their problems, to fix them as people. No matter what method of parenting you believe in, it’s important to make time for your kids and to spend time as family. Those moments on the way to the movies, during a bike ride or walk in the park, at the ball field or on a fishing trip can mean the difference between spotting a problem or not knowing about it at all. Listen when you’re giving them rides with their friends. Kids often talk to each other more openly when they’re together than they would if they were alone with a parent.

“What are the Possible Signs That My Son or Daughter is Struggling With Drug Addiction?”

Though there are many changes in behavior that are normal when a child is growing up, there are certain signs to watch out for. Even if it turns out that they’re not caused by drug addiction, they are definite indicators that your child or loved one needs your help more than ever. These can include:

  • Sudden change in behavior for no reason
  • Unusual lethargy
  • Unpredictable hostility
  • Sudden change in peer group
  • Poor hygiene
  • Sudden drop in grades at school
  • Tardiness or truancy
  • Losing interest in their favorite things
  • Inability to maintain relationships with family and friends

Recovery Connection Can Help

We’re here to help with questions about drug addiction. We have resources that can show you the right way to speak up and get involved. We’re here to help! Call Recovery Connection today at 800-993-3869 to find out what you can do to help your son or daughter.


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