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Drug Rehab: The Silver Lining

Drug Rehab Programs

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Drug Rehab: The Silver Lining

Drug Rehab Programs
Drug Rehab Programs are a Great Start for Recovery

Drug rehab facilities are a saving grace and a much needed last resort for many Americans dealing with drug addiction. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 1.29 percent of the American population entered a drug rehab center in 2010 for substance abuse. The negative impact of drugs on an addict’s life may leave them with no other alternative and everything to lose. Entering a drug rehab program may be a life or death situation.

For Nick Stahl, “Terminator 3” star, being a drug addict has been a role he has been playing in his real life for several years. With all of the success this young actor has enjoyed, it could not keep him away from the trap of drug addiction. Stahl’s drug addiction has caused his life and career to spiral out of control. It was reported that the actor had turned down several movie opportunities due to his inability to stay sober. His personal life was also falling apart as his wife had separated from him and had limited his visitations with his 2 year old daughter. The actor went missing for over a week and sightings of him in the dingy, drug infested sections of Los Angeles were reported while he was missing. Stahl’s wife filed a missing person’s report and worried that he would die while on his drug binge.

Drug addiction is a serious illness that could destroy someone’s life and should not go untreated. People can live longer and healthier lives if they seek substance abuse treatment. Luckily for Stahl, he was able to live through this dark drug binge and has checked into a 30 day drug rehab program. With the support from the treatment center staff, his friends and family, Stahl’s recovery program will have a strong foundation.


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