Step 12 Overview

woman standing on top of a mountain wearing a backpack

Step 12 Overview

Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs

As we arrive at the completion of our steps, we are granted one of the greatest gifts of all: New Life – our journey through the steps prepared us for this very life. We have accountability, honesty, tolerance, unselfishness, love, and peace of mind. Many of these traits, we never knew we were capable of. As a result of these steps, we are changed, spiritually awakened, and delivered to a place where these are no longer envied traits of others, but rather the way we live daily. This was our journey to Step 12.

However, this gift is quite the enigma. While it is free and ours to keep for however long we choose, the only way we are able to keep it is to give it away. As those who came before us delivered many a helpless addict to the freedom of self-bondage, we are now tasked to do the same. With our new found lease on life, we set forth to deliver our message to those just trying our wonderful way of life.

We do our best to be there for other addicts in positions much like our own prior to the steps. Whether we talk with them after a meeting, offer support during a time of need, share our experience, strength and hope, or simply be of service in any way we can. Our goal is to show others what unselfish living is, and we focus on our fellows as much as possible. We act as “New Life guides” helping others to navigate the sometimes rocky path to recovery. However, the task of carrying the message is not our only duty; we must also ensure we are practicing this message in our daily living as well.

By carrying these principals throughout our daily lives, we continue to build on our personal recovery. It is not enough to simply make a single pass through the steps and call ourselves “recovered.” We must continue to work these steps on a daily basis, and keeping in mind that in order to keep our recovery, we must not only help others but continue to work on ourselves. If we do not remain spiritually fit, the ever-present troubles of life and our cunning, baffling, powerful disease can sneak up at any time. However, if we continue to actively work the 12 steps and carry the principles behind each step into all our affairs, we stand a greater chance of making it through another day sober!