The Augustine Recovery Center

The Augustine Recovery Center

The Augustine Recovery Center

augustine center (1)The Augustine Recovery Center is proud to call North East Florida home. It’s been eight months since our doors have opened, and we’re thrilled to offer a unique alternative into the field of recovery. We approach each new day with unwavering faith and gratitude, we are extremely excited about the work we’re doing with these men.
Nestled on eight acres between Moultrie Creek and the Intracoastal Waterway, The Augustine Recovery Center offers male residents a refuge from the world of active addiction. Our residents can expect a compassionate and highly disciplined environment.

Lauren and Jason Chane (owners of The Augustine) chose St. Augustine, Florida for its rich and fertile recovery community. “St. Augustine is a great place for early stage recovery,” Lauren explains. “Integration into a community of recovery is a requirement for success. We all need to belong. Social interaction and purposeful service allow addicts and alcoholics to build a foundation on which they can rely”.

With sixteen beds, and seventeen staff members, residents at The Augustine Recovery Center can expect to receive intimate, personalized treatment. Residents participating in our program complete all 12 steps during their stay. With in their 90-day stay residents participate in activities to stimulate physical, mental, and spiritual growth in recovery. Equine assisted therapy, outdoor art therapy, daily personal training & yoga, and surf therapy is just the tip of the iceberg at The Augustine.

Lauren and Jason recognize that 90 days of residential treatment is a commitment and a sacrifice. “We want results. We have our approach. When you arrive at The Augustine expect to work, evolve, and grow. We will not accept less than you can achieve, and will not expect more than you are capable of giving. We are all in for our residents and their families. We are grateful to serve our residents at this most important and transformational time.”
Each month, families are invited to attend our family weekend. During this time, families attend group therapy, educational talks, enjoy healthy food, and fellowship with our staff. We know that addiction is a family disease. We seek to educate the entire family on how our loved one’s addiction has impacted everyone, and offer a solution that works.

Residents who successfully complete our program are invited to continue their journey in our sober living communities. One year of certified recovery coaching is also made available to alumni of The Augustine.
We are truly humbled in our first year of service. The support we have been offered by the North Florida community, and by professionals in the field is over whelming. We are all in, and committed to offering the best substance abuse treatment to our residents and their families. The Augustine Recovery Center thanks you all!

About the Author

Chris is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol since 2011. Falling in love with the recovery community here in St. Augustine, Chris has learned that entrenching yourself in service, practicing the principles of the 12 steps, and working with other addicts and alcoholics is the best way to stay on the path to sobriety.

Chris earned his Bachelor of Arts in communications from Marietta College, Ohio, and has had a wide range of work experiences including primary and secondary education, athletics coaching, sales, marketing, and interpersonal communications.