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Adele Discloses about Alcohol Abuse

Adele and Alcohol Problem

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Adele and Alcohol Problem
Adele Discloses about Alcohol Abuse

Grammy winning singer Adele is best known for her amazing soulful voice and songs. However, her life has not been an easy one as she has experienced heartbreak. In an upcoming biography coming out soon, Adele admits that she had a serious alcohol problem in the past. Her drinking became such a problem that it almost destroyed her promising career.

Many people struggling with alcohol problems can link the start of their addiction with traumatic events or hardships in their life. For Adele, there were many events in her life that may have contributed to her drinking. Adele shares that her father had alcohol problems and walked out on the family when she was three years old which deeply affected her. In addition, the singer has had a string of bad relationships that ended in heartbreak. She began to drink heavily to cope with the pain she felt from her failed relationships.

For individuals struggling with alcohol addiction, their drinking may start affecting their work performance and their health. Adele reports that she was drinking so much that on one occasion she forgot the words to her songs as she went on stage to perform. She also reported that she couldn’t wake up in time for work or she missed work altogether. Her persistent hangovers were affecting her voice as she stated that her voice was “never in form.” It seemed that everything she had worked for, including her gifted voice was slipping away due to her alcohol abuse.

Oftentimes, people who become dependent on alcohol require alcohol detox and alcohol rehabilitation to break the chains of addiction. For Adele, having surgery to repair her overworked vocal chords made her stop drinking and she is now committed to living a healthier life. Hopefully Adele can keep from going back to a life of alcohol abuse.

Get help for your addiction before physical consequences put your life, career, relationships and commitments in jeopardy. Attending an alcohol and drug rehab facility will give you the best chance to turn your life around and prevent further damage done by substance abuse. Call a Recovery Connection coordinator today to speak with one of our addiction specialists. Our trained staff will help you find the best treatment center to fit your needs.

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