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Lexie is Aftercare and Alumni Supervisor for Lakeview Health. As someone in long-term sobriety herself, she enjoys helping others begin their journey into recovery.

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Step 7: Achieving Your Potential

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It’s important to understand the difference between the shortcomings we want to be removed versus the defects of character. Things you act out upon or certain reactions are defects of character. Conversely, shortcomings are the things you are not doing to achieve your potential. For example, not littering anymore would be removing the defect of

Step 6: Becoming a New Person

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This step is actually one of the shortest steps in The Big Book because it’s a pretty simple step. My sponsor told me all I needed to do was literally be ready to have my Higher Power remove my defect of character. Step 4 and 5 help you figure out what your defects of character are,

Learning Step One the Hard Way

The first time I heard about the 12 Steps was the first time I went to treatment. I saw them on the board and remember thinking, “what is this all about?” Further into my treatment the steps were explained to me, but I never fully grasped the first step. I had my spiritual experience and could