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Step Three: Instant Gratification Isn’t Worth the Consequences

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When I was finally ready to get sober, meaning I was willing enough to put in the actions that were suggested to me in Step One and Two, Step Three was relatively easy for me. To me, Step Three means you need to have faith that whatever it is that you believe is bigger than you has your best interests in mind – trust the Higher Power’s will and rely on it. Step Three was also easy because I recognized it is a decision to turn our will over.

You make the decision to turn your will over, then you go about your day trying to keep up with that decision. It’s not thinking, “ok, if I don’t follow my Higher Power’s will exactly, then I’m going to relapse or something bad is going to happen to me or I’m failing.” It’s not about that – it’s about making the decision to do it and following through to the best of your ability. I’m a perfectionist, everything must be right, I want to please everyone, be teacher’s pet – you name it! When Step Three was explained to me as being a decision that you try your best to stick with, it was easier for me to do.

I heard someone say once that God will allow you to do whatever you want to do, but you have to deal with the consequences of the choices you make. As an addict, nine times out of ten those are not going to be the best decisions or consequences. In active addiction, I was not making the best choices, which eventually lead to my life being unmanageable and how I ended up in recovery now. Ten times out of ten, God’s will is much better and has positive “consequences.” When I’m making a decision and feel it is not God’s will, I always try to remember that the instant gratification I’m looking for is probably not worth the consequences.

  • Lexie Leehan

    Lexie is Aftercare and Alumni Supervisor for Lakeview Health. As someone in long-term sobriety herself, she enjoys helping others begin their journey into recovery.

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