About Patty Mohler, LMHC

Patty Mohler is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Jacksonville, FL. She obtained her Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Florida (CACREP certified). Patty did her practicum and internship at Hubbard House and a federal agency, specializing in domestic violence. She is currently an addictions therapist at Lakeview Health, is a SMART Recovery facilitator and owns her own private practice. She is specializing in trauma, loss and grief. Patty believes every individual should have a voice and be heard. She will devote her practice to helping individuals bolster their self-esteem, find their passion, and be inspired to create the life they want.

Patty Mohler, MS, LMHC has written 4 articles so far, you can find them below.

How to Make Your Family Work

Lately several families have inquired how to help their families work. By work they are asking how to have a well-adjusted, healthy family. Many people in today’s modern world want to know how to deal with blended families, divorced families, one parent families, or families of different faiths, to name just a few examples. These

Practicing Gratitude

Patty Mohler

Whether you’re in recovery or not, expressing gratitude is something that every one of us should do on a daily basis. From the moment we wake up to when we lie down to go to sleep at night, there are countless things that happen to us throughout the day that we should be thankful for.

What is Normal, Anyway?

Patty Mohler

We’ve all heard it before. We might have even said it ourselves before. “I’m not a normal person.” “How I grew up wasn’t normal.” “I didn’t have a normal childhood.” Whether you’re guilty of saying those things, or some variation of them, what you probably don’t realize is that what you deem normal, or abnormal,

Believe Me

Believe me. I might not come out and tell you I’m being abused, but I will give you signs. I will stop coming to family gatherings. I will tell you I’m sad or depressed. I might have bruises; however, they will likely be where no one can see them. I might lose or gain weight.