Drug Addiction Side Effects: What Am I Gaining?

Drug Addiction Side Effects: What Am I Gaining?

Drug Addiction Side Effects: What Am I Gaining?

Are you losing everything?
Are you losing everything?

Drug and alcohol addiction has devastating side effects. While you think that you are having a good time, drug addiction side effects are slowly stealing your life away. As the novelty and fun of using drugs and alcohol wears off, you are left with an awful addiction and its side effects. Eventually these side effects end up being triggers for you to continue the cycle of addiction.

Side Effects of Drug Addiction

Substance abuse seems like it may not be harmful in the beginning, but can quickly turn on you. The only thing that is predictable is that it will destroy your quality of life. Drug and alcohol rehabs all over the country understand this process and Recovery Connection wants to educate you about these awful side effects before it’s too late.

Addiction does not happen overnight. It is a gradual process of consistent use and over time you build dependence and tolerance. Soon your life revolves around drugs and/or alcohol and addiction takes priority in your life. Eventually you will be unable to manage your addiction and the side effects of substance abuse will lead to a poorer quality of life.

Side effects include:

  • Job loss
  • Relationship issues
  • Health problems
  • Financial stress
  • Mental health problems
  • Lose custody of your children

Poor Quality of Life

Your quality of life in addiction deteriorates as the side effects intensify. You will begin to have arguments  because you feel misunderstood. Other people may judge you and be critical even though you are doing the best you can. You may even lose your home and have nowhere else to go. These outcomes are not that far-fetched; just ask anyone who thought they could get through recovery on their own.

Once you are sick of barely existing in your own life, you will be ready to give drug rehab a try. Even going back to drug rehab after you have relapsed is a great idea to avoid falling too deep into destruction.

When you are ready to make a change and go to drug rehab you will be tired of:

  • Arguments
  • Being alone
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Missing out
  • Failure
  • Being sick

But this is only a beginning; you may have items to add to this list. How can addiction treatment help you?

Get Rid of the Addiction

Don’t just treat the side effects and symptoms; address the underlying issue and get rid of substance abuse. Addiction is the main catalyst for chaos in your life. Once you get rid of addiction you can begin to clear up the side effects more efficiently.

After detox in the residential part of rehab you will be able to:

  • Revaluate
  • Reorganize
  • Readjust

In drug rehab, you will work with an addiction therapist to begin making changes needed to improve your quality of life. After learning how to make adjustments, your levels of discomfort will decrease. You will begin to see changes in your job and relationships and finances begin to get better.