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Six Reasons a Gender Responsive Addiction Treatment Program is Best

Get Help at a Gender Responsive Addiction Treatment Program

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Six Reasons a Gender Responsive Addiction Treatment Program is Best

Get Help at a Gender Responsive Addiction Treatment Program

State and local Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations alike are becoming increasingly aware of the ways that race, class, and gender affect social issues. Drug addiction, poverty, and crime are all intertwined with these factors. A gender-responsive treatment program takes these issues into account. Drug treatment facilities and criminal justice organizations are finding success with this model of treatment. Here are a few of the key points that make a gender-responsive addiction treatment program better than standard rehab:

  • A gender responsive addiction treatment program creates the right kind of environment by taking a detailed approach to treatment. This approach is tailored to the specific needs of women with an addiction, acknowledging that their struggles and problems can be significantly different from those of men. Care is taken to make women feel safe, dignified and respected.
  • Special attention is paid to the location of the facility, ensuring that women are placed effectively with respect to their communities.
  • Staff is hired with a focus on women’s needs. Programs and content are created to be responsive to a woman’s unique experience.

The differences between men and women can hinder progress when they are treated together in groups. Relationship dynamics and history of abuse can complicate mixed-gender treatment programs. Gender-responsive treatment simplifies the process by giving each gender the space to attend to their individual issues, remaining open and honest while developing better coping strategies. People tend to create stronger, more comfortable connections with peers of the same gender.

  • Women who complete this type of specialized program have significantly reduced odds of depression.
  • Women completing these programs use fewer substances.
  • A gender responsive addiction treatment program uses gender-sensitive techniques that take the individual woman’s history of abuse and personal trauma into account and addresses it through an array of women’s drug rehab programs including, trauma therapy program, medication treatment, and dual-diagnosis treatment.

Gender Responsive Addiction Treatment Programs and Women’s Communities

These programs acknowledge that their services have to be culturally relevant to the communities their patients will return to. A quality program will be involved in home communities, immediately putting patients in contact with local support in the form of groups and individual sponsors. They will recognize the importance of education and job training, which help make sure that women affected by poverty and substance abuse can maintain better economic situations once they complete treatment.

Find Out More About Getting Help at a Gender Responsive Addiction Treatment Program

We’re here to help you get answers to your questions about addiction treatment. There’s no reason to wait any longer to get the help you need. Don’t let fear hold you back. There’s no shame in seeking help for addiction or mental health issues. Recovery is possible with the right treatment and aftercare. Call Recovery Connection today at 800-993-3869 for more information.


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