Will My Health Insurance Plan Cover Drug Rehab?

My Insurance Plan for Addiction Treatment Coverage Is Weak

Will My Health Insurance Plan Cover Drug Rehab?

How Can I Know My Insurance Plan for Addiction Treatment Coverage?

 My Insurance Plan for Addiction Treatment Coverage Is Weak

Drug and alcohol addiction can cause great physical and mental stress for the afflicted individual. There is also a significant amount of stress placed on the families and loved ones of the person suffering from addiction. But the problems don’t end there.

When you know you need drug rehab, or you’re ready to get involved in the treatment of someone you love, the question of how to pay for treatment is often foremost in your mind. Getting medical coverage is complex and confusing, even for perfectly healthy individuals. People often feel confused by their insurance plan for addiction treatment coverage, feeling like they don’t really know what they’re paying for. This often results in people simply purchasing the plan they can afford and hoping for the best.

What Should I Expect From My Insurance Plan for Addiction Treatment Coverage?

If you’re not sure about the coverage your plan provides, give Recovery Connection a call to find out more about my insurance plan for addiction treatment coverage. If you’ve reviewed your plan and see drug rehab treatment included, there are some additional considerations you need to be aware of.

When asking about my insurance plan for addiction treatment coverage, the answer is rarely a simple yes or no. There are often some stipulations and restrictions on what is covered. Here are some common things to look out for:

  •        Physicians and facilities may need to be in-network
  •        Detox may not be covered
  •        Amount of coverage can change based on treatment duration
  •        The mode of treatment can affect coverage
  •        Some plans will only pay for rehab once
  •        The type of addiction may change what the insurance plan will cover

During the stressful time you’re going through, considerations like this can be overwhelming. It’s easy to miss an important question. To help save you time, money, and stress, call us today and let our team help you navigate the situation.

What Types of Care Will My Insurance Plan Cover?

There are two main types of care: inpatient and outpatient. Most insurance plans cover some combination of both. Inpatient treatment is more expensive due to the higher level of care involved. Many people may weigh the costs and benefits of attending an inpatient vs. outpatient program. Many start off with inpatient treatment and transition into less involved, and less costly, outpatient drug rehab.

Depending on the severity of your addiction and the complications it has caused, you may be a good candidate for going directly into outpatient rehab. It’s important to start off with an assessment by a qualified facility. This will help you determine the most effective recovery path for your individual needs.

Getting The Right Help

No matter where you are on your journey, Recovery Connection is here to help you. Contact us for a free, confidential verification of your plan’s drug rehab coverage. We can also provide information about addiction and effective treatment options. Get answers to your questions and stop the cycle of addiction. Call Recovery Connection today at 800-993-3869.