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NFL Plagued with DUIs

NFL DUIs on the Rise

Updated on

NFL Plagued with DUIs

NFL DUIs on the Rise
Alcohol Rehab Can Help Chronic DUI’s

It seems that every month a NFL player is being arrested for a DUI. With all of these players getting in trouble, they must be getting sanctioned by the NFL, right? Well, not quite. It appears that NFL players are just paying their way out of their DUIs without fixing the problem.

So, what can we suggest to the NFL? An article by Michael Schottey from the Bleacher Report has some good suggestions that may help the DUI problem in the NFL:

  • Admit that there is a problem in the league.
  • Take DUI seriously. Make everyone accountable for a teammate’s poor decision to drink and drive.
  • Provide a taxi and tow service for players.

I think Schottey may be missing the most important suggestion: Require all offenders to attend alcohol rehab. You may be asking, Why alcohol rehab for their first offense? Well, according to a 2010 report by the Centers for Disease Control, a drunk driver drives drunk 80 times before a first arrest. What this tells us is that most of the NFL players arrested for DUI probably drove drunk several times before their arrests. An alcohol problem exists in the NFL, folks.

What can we learn from these professional athletes? If you have driven drunk in the past or continue to drink and drive, you probably have a problem. Seeking treatment at an alcohol rehab center is the best solution for this problem. Recovery Connection can link you with alcohol treatment centers that fit your needs. Call us at 866-879-6715 and begin your recovery today.

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