Does a Substance Abuse Assessment Always Result in a Need for Addiction Treatment?

Does a Substance Abuse Assessment Always Result in a Need for Addiction Treatment?

Does a Substance Abuse Assessment Always Result in a Need for Addiction Treatment?

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There’s a shroud of mystery that seems to cover a substance abuse assessment, for many patients looking to get into rehab for addiction treatment. The term “assessment” seems to worry many, making this conversational test sound like a college exam. However, this simple evaluation is designed to uncover specifics of the patient’s substance abuse problem so specialists can recommend the right treatment program.

In essence, if you want recovery and need treatment to get there, the addiction assessment is your friend. Through an honest assessment, you can gain a clearer pathway to sobriety.

What Are the Basics of a Substance Abuse Assessment?

This test, also known as an addiction assessment, is used to identify the specifics of your substance abuse so you can obtain the right type of treatment. Those specifics include:

  • Whether drug or alcohol use is a problem
  • Identification of the nature of the problem
  • Suggestion of best means of treatment

The test is usually administered by a qualified professional. This person may be any of the following:

  • Clinician
  • Counselor
  • Family doctor
  • Addiction specialist
  • Licensed therapist

If a medical doctor is performing an addiction assessment, he or she may also conduct a physical exam to determine how substance abuse has affected your body. Interviewers who are not doctors may refer the patient to a physician for this type of follow-up exam. In some cases, doctors provide a dual diagnosis, indicating the patient’s need for treatment for co-occurring conditions while in drug or alcohol treatment.

Sample Questions of a Substance Abuse Assessment

When you attend your addiction assessment, you’ll be asked several questions on a paper form as well as through a conversation with your assessment provider. While these may not be the exact questions you’ll be asked, they’re similar to what you can expect:

  • Have you ever felt you should cut down on drinking or using your preferred substance?
  • Does it annoy you when people criticize you for drinking or drug use?
  • Have you ever felt guilty about drinking or using drugs?
  • Do you use drugs or drink first thing in the morning, or feel the need to do so?

Not all those who take an addiction assessment suffer from full-blown addiction. Nor do all of them require treatment in a rehab facility. However, if you know in your heart that you need help with recovery, simply answer the questions honestly so whoever issues your assessment can set you up with the treatment that you need.

Recovery Connection Can Help You Find the Treatment You Need

Actively searching out information about addiction and recovery is a great first step in the process. There are only a few steps left to beginning on the path to a better life. Let Recovery Connection help you find the treatment you need, where you can gain assessment and treatment for your addiction.

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