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Texas Professional Recovery Network

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The Texas Professional Recovery Network (PRN) with the Texas Pharmacy Association was founded in 1981 to serve impaired pharmacists. Since then, PRN has expanded its network to include pharmacy students, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, veterinarians, and optometrists. PRN provides monitoring and advocacy services for professionals in these fields who may be impaired to practice.

Prior to the implementation of PRN, if a professional had a mental health or substance use disorder, they were left with only disciplinary action from their licensing board with no treatment or support. Leading the path for non-punitive rehabilitation, PRN began providing referrals, monitoring, education, and advocacy services to help professionals keep their licenses and continue to practice with integrity and concern for the public safety.

Monitoring is confidential provided that the participants follow the guidelines in the support agreement to ensure safety to practice. PRN services two groups of professionals: volunteers and board-known participants. Confidentiality is offered to all individuals who contact PRN.

PRN prides itself in the quality and non-stigmatizing nature of the services provided to the professional community. In addition to career reestablishment, participants often experience a rebirth of their professional and personal lives. This rebirth is PRN’s ultimate goal.

To learn more about PRN, please see our website (http://www.txprn.com). Like Texas Professional Recovery Network on Facebook. You can also call us at 1-800-727-5152.

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