Alcohol Rehab Resurrects Careers Flatlined by Alcohol

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Alcohol Rehab Resurrects Careers Flatlined by Alcohol


Alcohol Rehab to Regain Control

Alcohol abuse can cause an alcoholic many problems in their life.  The addiction can ruin relationships, tear families apart and destroy careers. Losing your job over addiction can be detrimental as bills start to pile up for the addict. For Grammy award winning singer D’Angelo and former NBA star Dennis Rodman, alcohol addiction destroyed their successful and promising careers. Seeking treatment in alcohol rehab seems to have resurrected D’Angelo’s career but Rodman’s continual use of alcohol is burying his career further into a grave.

Dennis Rodman’s financial situation is overwhelmingly dire. His financial advisor, Peggy Williams, reports that the former basketball star owes more than $800,000 in back child support and $51,000 in back spousal support. Rodman’s agent, Darren Prince, states that the possibility of being a rebound coach or a sports commentator for a television network looks bleak as the potential employers have stated that it would be too risky to employ Rodman due to his alcoholism. Without being able to maintain a job, paying back the money seems impossible and serving time in jail is inevitable.

For singer D’Angelo, his struggle with alcoholism was a long, dark road. After winning two Grammy awards, the singer disappeared into addiction for 11 years. He had attempted alcohol rehab several times unsuccessfully; however, after almost losing his life in a car accident and being arrested for a DUI, the singer turned his life around. After attending alcohol rehab one more time and focusing on recovery, D’Angelo’s life and career came back from the dead.

Alcohol addiction is a disease that requires professional treatment at an alcohol rehab center. With the support of a staff from an alcohol treatment center, one can address their alcohol addiction and learn coping skills that can help the alcoholic get their life back on track.