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Alisha Ross Alisha Ross

Alisha is a drum circle facilitator, and her job is to bring people together through rhythm. As the Founder of Just Add Rhythm, she is dedicated to utilizing the power of rhythm to help others discover their true healthy selves – and to have lots of fun and be a little playful along the way. She does this by working with corporate, community, and educational organizations to offer them unforgettable hands-on experiences that bring the participants closer together – and closer to themselves. Alisha currently works with organizations throughout Northeast and South Florida to provide fun and engaging drumming opportunities for all. In those rare moments when she’s not drumming, she loves being outdoors and exploring all that Jacksonville has to offer. Check out www.addrhythm.com for more info on Just Add Rhythm’s programs.
Drumming Therapy teacher in classroom Just Add Rhythm

Top 3 Proven Benefits of Rhythm in Recovery Settings

Rhythm – a helpful tool in recovery and mental wellness The scene is similar ...