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Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

Nancy is a writer and sober blogger whose work has appeared on numerous recovery and addiction websites and blogs. She also has a blog where she likes to ramble and rant about recovery, alcoholism, and life in general.
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How I Heal – A Personal Recovery Story

Healing through recovery for me has been one of the hardest but also one ...

Kicking Off the Holiday Season with a Sober Bang!

As Halloween has come and gone, I find myself gearing up for the dreaded ...

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What to Expect in Your First Year of Recovery

When I was getting sober there was no manual on “What to expect when ...

Why not check out that AA meeting?

The longer I’m sober the more I realize that not a lot of people ...

7 Things I Learned in My First Year of Recovery

I didn’t get sober on purpose.  I wasn’t crawling into an AA meeting saying ...