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An Explanation of Hypnotherapy

An Explanation of Hypnotherapy Many people have a general misconception about hypnosis. They tend to think of the high energy stage performer who jokes around and makes people quack like ducks. While hypnosis is often used as a form of entertainment at corporate events, night clubs and on cruise ships, true clinical hypnotherapy is a

SAD Light Therapy

SAD Light Therapy Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder that can affect people most commonly during the winter months when the sun exposure is at its lowest level. This mood altering disorder has also been linked to deficiencies in vitamin D as well as the sun’s influence on regulating the hormone melatonin. The

Females Account for Two-Thirds of Intentional Poisonings

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  In a report released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in November, 2011 a staggering 14,720 people were admitted to emergency rooms from intentional drug related poisoning. 63 percent of those admitted were females. Alcohol was a factor in 60 percent of these intentional poisonings. Marijuana, stimulants, cocaine and Ecstasy accounted

Born Alcoholic

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Alcoholism is a disease that people can be genetically predisposed to. Research demonstrates that some individuals are more inclined to struggle with this disease than others. Studies show that children of alcoholics have the same brain activity as family members which can put them at higher risk to develop alcoholism later in life. The Texas

Energy Drink Addiction – Chasing the High

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Energy Drink Addiction – Chasing the High We live in a volatile time. We are a society addicted to more. Every time one turns around there is another product that has been developed with a primary goal of addicting the consumer. We hunger for the quick fix from easy weight loss without lifestyle changes or

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” Reinterpreted For Drug Addiction

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” Reinterpreted For Drug Addiction This is a parody and should be sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”: On the first day of addiction my drugs said to me, “I will make you feel good.” On the second day of addiction my drugs said to me, “I’m

Addiction: An Equal Opportunity Disease

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Uncomfortable feelings sometimes cause individuals to look for people, places, and substances to feel better. Wanting to feel better when things are not going well is a natural desire. Self-medicating with substances is a common negative choice to escape unwanted feelings. The excessive constant use of substances can lead to the disease of addiction. The

Holiday Happiness or Holiday Horrors

Holiday Happiness or Holiday Horrors The holidays for most people have become a time of increased stress, worry about finances and buying gifts, overeating, difficult family scenes, excessive partying, or drunken embarrassing business parties. The holidays can also be a time of joyful celebration, of reunion, and of giving thanks. The choices we make will