Do Your Co-Workers Know Your Secret?

Do Your Co-Workers Know Your Secret?

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Do Your Co-Workers Know Your Secret?

The Secret: Alcohol Abuse at Work

How Do You Hide Your Alcohol?
How Do You Hide Your Alcohol?

Recovery Connection’s video shows you that alcoholism does not require a set time and place. Alcoholics need to maintain a certain blood alcohol level or else they can get violently sick. This means that your body will crave alcohol from when you wake up until you close your eyes and sleep. Alcohol will be the priority in anything and everything you do. You think that your co-workers don’t know about your drinking alcohol at work.  You are only as sick as your secrets. Can you relate to our video about drinking alcohol at work?

What Does Drinking at Work Look Like?

Using alcohol in the workplace seems absurd, but for many alcoholics not drinking is not an option. Even while at work you must have alcohol accessible. You keep alcohol in your office desk drawer and/or in the trunk of your car. At work, you have lunch at the bar with a few drinks before going back to work. Some co-workers think it’s fun and exciting to have drinks at lunch, but you know something they don’t: You are an alcoholic.

The Office Party

Your co-workers think you are the life of the office party and that you seem to have your life together pretty well. Only once in a while they see you lose your cool, becoming irritable, but you quickly blame it on upper management stress. You’re not in denial because you know that there is a problem; you just aren’t sure how to stop. You are becoming tired of the whispers behind your back as you walk down the hall.  You can identify with the Recovery Connection video and are interested in making changes in your life.

Are You Tired Of:

  • Sleepless nights
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Being depressed
  • Being anxious
  • Feeling irritable
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Having health complications
  • Being late to work
  • Making poor decisions
  • Co-workers talking behind your back

Trying to balance work, finances, family and social responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially when you need alcohol to function. You risk developing ulcers, high blood pressure, headaches and other health complications that prevent you from being able to work. Trying to medicate symptoms caused by alcohol abuse only makes matters worse. Your physical health and mental health decline the longer you put off alcohol detox and rehab.

Alcohol Rehab Is the Solution

Did you know that you may have the right to seek alcohol rehab and cannot be penalized by your employer for that decision? Find out if you qualify for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) from your place of employment. Alcohol addiction is a serious health condition that must be treated in a medical detox hospital to ensure your safety. Because of this, FMLA legislation can help you get the time off to go to alcohol rehab.

Don’t let your life spiral out of control. Recovery Connection coordinators are available 24/7 to assess you and get you into the best alcohol detox facility in the country. Help is just a phone call away. 866-812-8231