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All in the Sheen Family!

addiction and the family

Updated on

addiction and the family
What’s in Your Family Tree?

We are used to seeing and hearing about the antics of the youngest Sheen son, Charlie. But recently, Martin Sheen, the father of Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, reminded the world of the light at the end of the addiction tunnel: Recovery. Martin celebrated his sobriety by being a guest at an addiction treatment center dinner.  Sheen told the Tulsa World: “Addiction treatment and recovery centers help the entire community in ways most never see.” Although Martin has worked to help other addicts, his own son Charlie has publically struggled with addiction and doesn’t seem to want his father’s help.

Addiction is a family disease, which is evident in the Sheen family tree. Martin Sheen has at least 20 years sober. That has inspired him to star in a play depicting the lives of Dr. Bob and Bill W., founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. Although Martin has found peace and sobriety, the pain he must feel for Charlie is overwhelming. An article on Beliefnet.com quoted Martin referring to addiction as a form of cancer, especially when talking about his son Charlie.

Martin Sheen is extremely active and supportive of recovery programs and understands what it takes to get and maintain sobriety. For every story posted about Charlie, there should be a counter story about the success his father has had in recovery. We spend too much time giving attention to drug addiction and abuse and not enough time on educating the public about recovery.

Does addiction run in your family? How have you overcome this curse? Share your thoughts with us below or on our Facebook page. A fellow addict may benefit from your story of change.


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