Is an Intensive Outpatient Program The Right Rehab Program for my Son or Daughter

Is an Intensive Outpatient Program The Right Rehab Program for my Son or Daughter

Is an Intensive Outpatient Program The Right Rehab Program for my Son or Daughter

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Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a serious problem in the US. Every day, there are unfortunate people who become ensnared in the trap of addiction, while their loved ones look on and struggle to find the best way to help.

If you’ve recently realized that your son or daughter is suffering from addiction, you’ll need to start considering what treatment options would be best for them. There are many treatment options available, ranging from live-in facilities to local outpatient centers. How can you choose which one of those options is best? What about an intensive outpatient program? Would that be better? Would inpatient treatment be better? It can be confusing to decide how to move forward.

There are Key Differences Between the Different Programs

It can be a big help to get an overall understanding of the treatment programs available. Here are some of the most common types of treatment, along with key differentiators that will help you understand more about them1:

Medium to Long-term Residential Treatment program

Mid to Long-term Residential programs provide round-the-clock care in a communal, home-like setting. Care is focused first on detox, then on long-term goals like re-socialization and behavior changes.

Short-Term Residential Treatment Program

Usually lasting 3 to 6 weeks, these programs focus on detox and a comprehensive medical inpatient phase. Long-term outpatient therapy and participation in groups like AA will usually follow this type of treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program usually consists of an intake assessment that determines whether detox is necessary. Following detox, the next stage of the intensive outpatient program usually consists of education about addiction, weekly group therapy and individual counseling. Families are often encouraged to get involved in order to help build a strong social framework for the patient to return to.

Standard Outpatient Treatment Program

There are many outpatient services available. Much of the responsibility for care falls to patients, as they are generally only required to check in at certain times and possibly take recommended medication. With a solid social support structure of sober family and friends, those who work or attend school may be good candidates for this type of treatment.

How Can I Determine Which Program is Right for My Son or Daughter?

Calling for a professional recommendation is the best way to determine if an intensive outpatient program is the best way forward. Recovery Connection is here to help with any questions you have about the process. Call us today at 866-812-8231. We’ll find out your needs and help you take the next step to help your son or daughter get on the path to recovery.

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