The Difference Between Long Term Treatment Centers and Outpatient Programs

The Difference Between Long Term Treatment Centers and Outpatient Programs

The Difference Between Long Term Treatment Centers and Outpatient Programs

When you’re looking at rehab options to start recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, you’ll likely wonder what most other patients do. What’s the difference between long term treatment centers and outpatient programs? Which program will serve you best, as you work for lasting recovery?

Long Term Treatment Centers Provide Greater Structure and Focus

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To recover from addiction, you need concentrated focus and to put in some work. Most people realize this to a certain degree. However, many patients still enter rehab wanting to get in and out as quickly as they can. Most people want as few limitations to their life as possible. The reality of addiction treatment is that a program works best when you engage in a healthy structure, and focus on what matters for recovery. This is why many patients benefit more from long term treatment rehab, versus outpatient.

Long term treatment is usually provided in a residential or inpatient setting. Patients live on site at a treatment facility or on a rehab campus in individual apartment-style dwellings. Within this type of program, patients follow a daily routine and engage in treatment according to the structure set in place. At first glance, this might seem restrictive. However, it produces a healthy lifestyle of balance and routine for patients to follow when they return to independent living.

Why Long Term Treatment Centers May Be the Best Fit for You

Professionals advise many patients to enter long term treatment instead of outpatient programs for the following reasons:

  • Treatment for a longer period of time provides more opportunity to understand, identify and resolve underlying issues that lead to addiction
  • Patients are able to focus more fully on recovery, instead of managing a daily routine of life at home, in work and at school
  • Co-occurring conditions can be treated more completely through therapies and medication management, with more time to ensure meds are at the right dosage
  • More time for adjusting thought patterns and life expectations enables stronger recovery and greater prevention of relapse

Getting Connected with the Right Options for Your Future

When it’s time for you to make choices for your future, you may need help exploring your options for treatment. Deciding between long term treatment and outpatient style programs can be a big decision. Taking these steps forward toward decision-making have already helped you start the road to recovery. Unfortunately, only about 15% of Americans with addiction ever enter rehab. You’re on the right track for a better life.

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