The Vaughan Rule

young woman in a meadow celebrating recovery

The Vaughan Rule Kassidy Vaughan is an addict and thanks to being a TAM Scholarship winner, she is currently in treatment at New Beginnings. But that’s only part of her journey to get help. The rest of the road to get to where she is today is nothing short of a miracle. A miracle made

What is Hygge? The Key To A Sober Holiday

what is hygge

What is Hygge? The Key To A Sober Holiday Hygge—roughly pronounced “HUE-guh”—is a Danish word that has been adopted into the English language because no English word properly captures the concept. The closest equivalent is “coziness,” but hygge also implies self-pampering, companionship, soft light, good food, simplicity, and freedom from concern. It also implies an

What Keeps Us Sober

What Keeps Us Sober Being an active member of a recovery community, I watch a lot of people come in and out. Unfortunately, for as many people that enter recovery, very few stick around. Just when I think, “Yup, that guys got what it takes!” he disappears and is never heard from again. From an

Surviving Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend and Alcohol

Surviving Memorial Day Weekend Memorial Day is a day that commemorates all the men and women who have died while bravely serving our country. Typically, people enjoy this extended weekend by enjoying delicious food and a cold beverage with friends and family. However, for some this is a dangerous time. 17.6 million people have a

Introduction to the 12 Step Program

Introduction to the 12 Step Program The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) twelve-step program is the most widely attended self-help program for those who are recovering from alcoholism. 12 Step Program have been used to help people recover from a variety of addictive behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse to compulsive shopping, sex addictions and overeating.