Putting Yourself First in Recovery

The term self-centered has a negative connotation, and understandably so. In most areas of life, being self-centered is undesirable. In recovery, being self-centered has another meaning – deciding to make yourself a priority and striving to be independent and self-sufficient. When it comes to seeking treatment for a co-occurring disorder, you and your recovery are

From the Inside out of Addiction

When you finally recover and see the light on the other side of addiction, you begin to understand and empathize with others struggling with this disease as you begin to see yourself in their every word, their every thought, their every action, when you were in active addiction. When you see another who is living

Is Feeling Bad About Your Body Getting in the Way of Your Recovery?

FREE this week – a life changing texting program to help you feel better about your body and support your recovery. Did you know that 80% of women say that the images of women on television and in movies, fashion magazines and advertising makes them feel insecure? Or that the average American woman is 5’4”

Faces of Gratitude

There are an infinite number of reasons to be grateful for your sobriety. Whether it’s because you’ve re-built trust with your family, or you found a great job that you enjoy going to; gratitude isn’t a one-size-fits-all feeling, and there is certainly no right or wrong answer as to what you should be grateful for

Empowering Women to Recover

When clinicians are trying to help women to change, grow, and heal from addictions, it is critical that they place women in environments in which they can experience mutual, empathetic, healthy relationships with their counselors and with one another. Quote: Stephanie Covington Barriers To Treatment For Women Many treatment centers claim to provide gender-specific treatment.