6 Ways to Stay Sober on New Year’s Eve

blurry image of woman holding a sparkler on new years eve

You made it through the Christmas holiday unscathed. Now you have to combat one of the biggest parties of the year: NEW YEAR’S EVE. Before the temptation of a champagne toast takes over, be proactive and set yourself up for a successful sober celebration. Whatever you do, don’t isolate yourself or assume parties aren’t the

5 Tips for a Sober Thanksgiving

Alcohol Cravings

Thanksgiving is upon us! Like many, you are probably looking forward to a big dinner, spending time with the family, a short work week and shopping. In the midst of family time, shopping and eating, you may find that you may have to fight your cravings to drink. Holidays are a common time when we

5 Tips for Lasting Sobriety

For the recovering addict, it isn’t easy to achieve sobriety. Here are five things to remember to ensure that you’re taking the right steps. #1 You can’t do it on your own Remember that song “Lean on Me?” We all need somebody to lean on. Whether it’s family, friends or a therapist, identify the support

What is a Relapse Prevention Plan?

Getting sober is a monumental first step, but what happens after rehab? One of the biggest fears going into addiction treatment is the prospect of facing life sober. Those fears aren’t entirely unfounded. According to statistics, 60 percent of relapses occur within the first six months of sobriety. Through a combination of therapy, peer support, and introspection,