This state page provides you with a quick overview of issues relating to drug and alcohol addiction, Montana drug statistics and MT drug rehab centers.

It should be noted that these Montana drug statistics are not intended as an academic reference. The data collected is from State and Federal sources.

Montana Addiction Treatment Statistics

In 2010, there were 7,744 people who entered drug and alcohol rehab in the state of Montana. 68.5% were males and 31.5% were females.


Alcohol & Drug Addiction Rehab Admission Statistics for Montana in 2010


On the global measure of any past year dependence on illicit drugs and alcohol, Montana’s rates have consistently been among the highest in the country. In 2005-2006, the rates were among the highest in the country for all age groups. Past year alcohol dependence rates in Montana have also consistently been among the highest in the country and in 2005-2006 they were among the highest for all age groups. Similarly, rates of past year dependence on illicit drugs have consistently been among the highest in the country for individuals age 12 to 17.

Rates of past year dependence on illicit drugs have consistently been among the highest tin the country for individuals age 12 to 17

Approximately 10% of Montana residents reported past-month illicit drug use; the national average was 8%.

Alcohol Addiction in Montana

In 2010, 2,003 people entered rehab for alcohol only with an additional 2,699 people who suffered from alcohol dependence combined with a secondary drug.

Commonly Abused Drugs in Montana

Marijuana is the most commonly cited drug among primary drug rehab admissions in Montana. The largest population dependent on marijuana are 12-17 year olds at 29.5% in 2010.

498 people went to drug treatment for amphetamine use in 2010. The largest age group that entered treatment for amphetamine and methamphetamine addiction was the 26-30 year olds at 23.7%.

prescription-drugs-thumbnailPrescription Drugs
In Montana, matching the national trend for prescription drug addiction and abuse, there were 841 people who were admitted into treatment for opiates other than heroin in 2010. 45.9% were male and 54.1% were female.

Montana Drug and Alcohol Fatalities, Injuries and Drug Court Statistics

As a direct consequence of drug use, 132 persons died in Montana in 2007. This is compared to the number of persons in Montana who died from motor vehicle accidents (268) and firearms (139) in the same year.

The drug-induced death rate in Montana is higher than the national average.

Montana Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources

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