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Puerto Rico drug abuse statistics

This Puerto Rico state page provides you with a quick overview of issues relating to drug and alcohol addiction, Puerto Rico drug abuse statistics, and PR drug rehab centers.

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It should be noted that these Puerto Rico drug abuse statistics are not intended as an academic reference. The data collected is from State and Federal sources.

Puerto Rico Addiction Treatment Statistics

According to the Mental Health and Anti Addiction Services Administration of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, substance abuse is one of the island’s most compelling socio-medical problems.

In 1998, government reports indicated that there were two state run treatment facilities, three not for profit, 35 not for profit faith based programs, and 6 for profit treatment facilities.

Puerto Rico Addiction Treatment Facilities Statistics

According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, most Puerto Rican admissions to treatment (70.5 %) had at least one prior treatment episode.

Hispanics of Puerto Rican descent were 15.1% more likely to need specialty treatment than Hispanics of other descent. In 2007, there were 70,700 Puerto Ricans admitted for substance abuse treatment. The reports seem to make distinction between Puerto Rican Hispanics and other Hispanics in Puerto Rico.

Commonly Abused Drugs in Puerto Rico

Heroin is the most commonly abused substance in Puerto Rico for Hispanic Puerto Ricans. Addiction Treatment admissions for Puerto Ricans who abuse heroin both male and female were 43.5% vs. 13.2 % of other Hispanics in Puerto Rico. Twenty-three percent of males and twenty percent of females between 2000 and 2001 cited heroin as their primary drug of choice.

14.3% of Hispanic Puerto Ricans and 17.7% of other Hispanics in Puerto Rico entered substance abuse treatment for marijuana abuse.


Puerto Rico Drug and Alcohol Related Crime Statistics

Heroin in Puerto Rico comes into the country through South America and then is moved into the United States. Columbia and the Dominican Republic drug groups are the primary transporters of heroin through Puerto Rico.

According to the Department of Justice, 17.9% of drug-related federal sentences in Puerto Rico were heroin related. The Puerto Rican Police Department reported that in 2001, 63% of the 744 murders on the island were drug related.

Puerto Rico Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources

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