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The Texas state page provides you with a quick overview of issues relating to drug and alcohol addiction, Texas drug use statistics, and TX drug rehab centers.

It should be noted that these Texas drug use statistics are not intended as an academic reference. The data collected is from State and Federal sources.

Texas Addiction Treatment Statistics

There were 454 substance abuse treatment facilities in Texas. As of 2014, 39,484 individuals entered substance abuse treatment. 59.4% of those individuals seeking treatment were males, 40.6 % were female.

Alcohol Addiction in Texas

SAMHSA's TEDS 2014 report on Texas revealed that 5,810Â individuals sought alcohol only addiction treatment. Another 4,856 individuals in Texas entered treatment for alcohol with a secondary drug problem.

The Federal government's Behavioral Health Barometers for Texas 2009-2014 showed that the percentage of alcohol dependence or abuse among people 12 and older was the same as the national average. That equates to 1.4 million individuals a year.

Alcohol remains the primary drug of abuse in Texas. In 2013 excessive alcohol use cost Texas $16.5 billion dollars (Prevention Status Report 2013, Texas, CDC)

In 2014, the largest group of individuals that were involved as drunk drivers in fatal crashes were the 21-25 year olds.

Commonly Abused Drugs in Texas

According to SAMHSA's Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, 2009-2013, 473,000 people ages 12 and above were dependent on or abused illicit drugs within the year.

Methamphetamine can still be obtained throughout the state of Texas although the price of buying the drug has increased while the supply has decreased. In 2009, there were 4,912 admissions for meth and amphetamines combined. The percentage of people admitted for meth/amphetamine addiction continues to increase.


Cocaine is readily available throughout the entire state of Texas. After marijuana, cocaine ranked as the second most abused drug among those seeking addiction treatment. Cocaine/crack can be bought in all quantities from a gram all the way to a kilogram. Admissions for cocaine use were down from the 2005 reports, with 4,808 people being admitted for smoking powdered cocaine. An additional 7,904 people were admitted for crack cocaine addiction in 2009. Texas ranks among the highest states for 12-17 year olds using cocaine.


The Proceedings of the Community Epidemiology Work Group of 2014 stated that heroin indicators showed a growing heroin problem in Texas, especially among teens and young adults. Mexican black tar and powered brown heroin are the most prevalent forms of heroin on the street. The number of substance abuse treatment admissions for heroin abuse among those under 30 rose from 40% in 2005 to 52 % in 2013.


The number of arrests in Texas for possession and sales during 2008-2012 fluctuated between 70,360 rising significantly in 2009 to 76,946 and then decreasing slightly to 72,562 in 2012. Texas is one of the top states prosecuting marijuana possession as a drug crime.


prescription-drugs-thumbnailPrescription Drugs
The Texas Department of State Health Services data on treatment admissions showed that in 2013, 12% of all treatment admissions involved the non-medical use of prescription drugs. In a Texas House Committee on Public Health, Interim Report 2014, it was noted that there was a 78% increase in the mortality rate from overdoses for opiate abuse between 1999 and 2010.


Texas Drug and Alcohol Fatalities, Injuries and Drug Court Statistics

  • In the 2010 Texas Non-Index Crimes, there were 14,639 arrests for illegal drug sale and manufacturing. Another 125,974 individuals were arrested for drug possession.
  • In 2013, Texans witnessed 1,337 deaths caused by a drunk driver. There were 99,195 arrests for driving under the influence.
  • Â (DrugPolicy.org) The third leading cause of injury-related death in Texas is due to drug overdose.
  • As of 2009, there were 58 drug courts in Texas. 57% of federally sentenced defendants in Texas involved marijuana.
  • During 2007, the DEA made 2,812 drug arrests in Texas.  In 2008, the figures were more extreme with a total of 144,953 drug related arrests (selling, manufacturing, possession) occurring in Texas.
  • In 2007, there were 2,343 people who died as result of drug use compared to 3,800 who died in motor vehicle accidents and another 2,561 who died from firearm incidents.
  • Drug smuggling is a major problem because of a number of issues: the boarder with Mexico, air travel, and shipping routes. According to federal government reports, bulk currency smuggling is the most preferred form of transit through Texas used by Mexican organized crime.
  • Texas state and local law enforcement agencies seized more than 575, 000 pounds of marijuana during 2008.
  • In 2006-2007 433,000 citizens of Texas reported using cocaine. 703 deaths reported to have involved cocaine.
  • There were 93 meth laboratory seizures in 2007 with a 67% increase in 2009 with 155 meth lab seizures.

Texas Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources

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